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Thursday, 2 June 2011

11 claims received RM2, 000 President's Cup results

RM2 000 per person. That's the reward recieved by each President Cup player of the state after all 11 players taken in evidence to facilitate investigations into alleged match fixing involving the squad this season.

Source of Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (SPRM) said it believed more than 15 people, including the management involved in the case after each pleaded recieve RM2 000 each, "However, we're still investigating this matter and did not rule out the possibility of it also occurs in the Super League based on complaints recieved" he said when contacted here yesterday. He said it also her side detected the mastermind who set the game to help the investigation into the bookie.

"we will investigate this matter, if the Super League players involved, they will be called to testify".

"it is normal procedure in any investigation conducted by the SPRM afte we opened the investigation papers on the alleged squad was set matches this season" he said. Sources said the investigation into the case is already 80 percent completed after the players, including taking evidence on the management of the team.

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