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Seremban is the capital of Malaysian state of Negeri Sembilan Sembilan, located within the district of Seremban, one of the seven district in Negeri Sembilan. The town's administration is run by the Seremban Municipal Council or Majlis Perbandaran Seremban. On 9 September 2009, Seremban was to declared as a city, however it wa later deferred due to technical reasons.

Seremban was originally founded as Sungei Ujong or "Sungai Ujong", named as such after a nearby river of the same name. While the town was renamed Seremban thereafter, the Sungai Ujomg name most prominently persists as a street name for a road adjoining the southern side of town (Sungai Ujong Road, or Jalan Sungei Ujong).

The town also referred alternately as "Fu Yong" (Chinese :芙蓉 ) among the Chinese-speaking community, although the name unrecognised officially.

Seremban came to existence with the discovery of tin ore in the 1870's just like most major towns in Peninsular Malaysia. The discovery of tin in a nearby area called Rasah, saw an influx of Arab, Malay and Chinese immigrants to work on the mines and trade there. The local Malays werw mostly farmer and were quite reluctant to face the new chellenges.

Seremban, initially known as Sungai Ujong, flourished not only as a mining area but also a business centre. The Linggi River served as the sole outlet to ferry tin and supplies in and out of the town. Revenuecame not only from tin trade but also from large amount of taxes collected, much to displeasure of the trader and British colonialists at neighbouring port of Malacca.

The local chieftains namely, Dato' Kelana and the Dato' Shahbandar of Sungai  Ujong were at odds with each other on the right to collect taxes and ownership and control of the mines. The rivalry to assert influence and authority opened the door for British intervention on Negeri Sembilan. The British sided with the Dato' Kelana upon invitation and defeated the forces of the Dato' Bandar who was later exile to Singapore. In a show of gratitude to the British for helping him win the war, the Dato' Kelana had no choice but to accept a British Resident whose job was to advise him on matters other than religion and Malay customs.

Captain Murray was appoited the first resident abd later set-up his residence at Channer Road, now renamed as Jalan Dato' Siamang Gagap. Soon after the people living around Rasah moved to Channer Road for the sake of security and its orderly administration.

City Status
Seremban is one of four state capitals that has not achieved city status (bandar raya) other than Kota Bharu, Kuantan and Kangar. However the Ministry of Housing and Local Goverment has approved Seremban to be a city by 9 September 2009. To achive the city status, the state goverment has agreed that Majlis Perbandaran Nilai and Majlis Perbandaran Seremban will be merged together.

Menteri Besar Datuk Mohamad Hasan said during the Tuanku Muhriz birthday
"the state goverment want to ensure all the necesarry infrastructure, public transportation and amenities and services which include garbage collection, safer neighbourhoods, were in place before it did so."
source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seremban (wikipedia)
last update : 17/3/2011 5:30AM